Dr Good is the wonderful person who enabled my husband and I to achieve our dream of becoming parents. She guided us through a journey of dietary analysis, herbal supplements, acupuncture, hormone assessment and lifestyle changes over a period of 6 months. Dr Good was always positive while remaining realistic and gave us a great deal of hope from the first moment we met. Her combined knowledge of naturopathy and chinese medicine puts her at the forefront of her field when it comes to treating couples with fertility challenges. There is no doubt in my mind that we have our little girl in our lives today as a result or Dr Good’s expertise.
— Claire

Dr. Good has been treating me and my family for years now. Any concerns or issues we’ve brought to her she has handled with knowledge, competence and the utmost compassion. We have complete trust in Dr. Good and would highly recommend her for any health concerns. Our 4 year old son who gets treated by her says “Dr. Lisa takes care of me and is the best. I love her!
— Tova

Dr. Lisa has been giving me acupuncture treatments to alleviate my chronic neck and back pain. Not only is there a major decline in pain, I’ve experienced a profound improvement in my overall wellbeing. I notice I stand taller and am more relaxed in general.

Since I start seeing Lisa, I noticed huge changes in my health in general and specific!
She’s very caring and very knowledgeable!
I’m so happy to have her as my Naturopath!
It seems she knows the answers to everything :)
I gladly refer her to all my friends and family and they get the same results!
— Sadgol

What I love about Dr Good - is her ability to connect on a professional level - but even more so - on a human level. She is genuinely concerned about your health and well being and she is strategic in the questions she asks to seek answers that lead to solutions - not something every healthcare professional does in my opinion. I have recommended Dr. Good to numerous friends and family - and they have all agreed that she is the very best at what she does. She is amazing!
— Marina

If you are looking for a Naturopath who is caring, encouraging, helpful, supportive and wholistic, then Lisa would be a good choice. For me, those qualities are very important. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I have Lisa as part of my Health Care Team.
— Pamela